Giải pháp kết nối không dây cho lĩnh vực tài chính và thanh toán ATM

Checkoo self-service terminal application solution

08/ 09/ 2016

The rapid evolution of communications market raises a lot more awareness of the users to the service quality. To most big cities, enhancing customer services seems to be more and more important.The problems of how to convenient the customers and increase the image to the outside world of the communications between the companies and the […]


Four-Faith Industrial 3G Router for ATM self-service terminal application

08/ 09/ 2016

1.Preface ATM(automated teller machine), a classic type of self-service kiosk has played an important role on finance application since it came out.  In the past, ATM machine is limited by the wired network, especially somewhere that wired network is hard to access.  Nowadays, with the development and innovation technology of 3G wireless network, mobile ATM […]


Four-Faith Industrial 3G router for self-service terminal application

08/ 09/ 2016

      The population is densely in the cities of China, some of the necessities of financial payment behavior for life – such as water, electricity, gas, phone charges, traffic travel, bus card recharge, transfer payment, some people are going to a variety of units to pay, some bank or postal savings as a […]


+Ứng dụng Four-Faith 4G/3G router cho chuỗi các cửa hàng quần áo

+3G/4G Industrial wireless router application in Philippine, Malaysia

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+Ứng dụng của thiết bị đầu cuối cho máy tự thanh toán

+Ứng dụng IPsec cho các chuỗi cửa hàng

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