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F2910 – NB-IOT(DTU)

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NB-IoT ultra low power consumption design

NB-IoT Low communication cost

NB-IoT wide indoor coverage area capability

Support Low latency sensitivity and cost-effective for products design

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Low Power Consumption
NB-IoT technology focus on the small data and small transmit speed application.So NB-IoT device power consumption can be very small, the device life can be significantly increased from few months to several years.
NB-IoT Low power consumption
NB-IoT need not to re-build the network, radio and antenna are basically multiplexed.For example, like one of China network operators-China Mobile, there is a wider band in 900MHZ owned by China Mobile.Only need to allocate part of the 2G band, you can directly deploy LTE and NB-IoT at the same time. Low speed, low power consumption and narrow bandwidth also bring the advantage of low cost to NB-IoT chip and module.
NB-IoT low cost
Wide Coverage Area
NB-IoT has the better indoor coverage capability than LTE.NB-IoT has enhancements of 20dB gain more than LTE, it is equivalent to an increase of 100 times coverage area capacity more than LTE.
NB-IoT Wide coverage
Numerous and Powerful Nodes Connection
In the case of the same base station, NB-IoT can provide 50-100 times access nodes more than existing wireless technologies.One sector can support 100,000 connections with low latency sensitivity, ultra-low device cost, low device power consumption and optimized network architecture.
NB-IOT Can access the number of 100,000 points
Features F2910 NB-IoT Wireless Data
F2910-E NB-IoT Embedded
Wireless Communication
Wireless Parameters Business Data NB-IoT
Communication Band B5:850MHz; B8:900MHz; B20:800MHz
Bandwidth 100bps~100Kbps
TX Power <23dBm
Interface Type Serial 1 RS232 and1 RS485 2 Serial Ports(TTL)
GPIO 5-way I / O, can realize 5 digital inputs and outputs, compatible with 2 pulse outputs, 2 analog inputs, 2 pulse counting function 4-way GPIO
Antenna Connector Standard SMA female antenna interface, the characteristic impedance of 50 ohms IPEX connector, the characteristic impedance of 50 ohms
SIM/UIM Standard SMA drawer card interface, supporting 1.8V / 3V
SIM/UIM card, 15KV ESD Protector Inside
Standard clamshell deck connector,support1.8V/3V SIM/UIM card
Dimension 91×58.5x22mm 60x38x12mm
Power Input DC 5~36V DC 3.6~9V
Environmental limits Working Temperature -35~+75℃(-31~+167°F) -35~+75℃(-31~+167°F)
Storage Temperature ~40~+85℃(-40~+185°F) ~40~+85℃(-40~+185°F)
Related Humidity 95%(unfreezing) 95%(unfreezing)