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Four-Faith 3G router support Wuhan Wi-Fi bus construction

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Recently,Wuhan 590/537/571 bus lines included in the pilot Wi-Fi, a warm welcome by theWuhan citizens. Currently, 590 installation is completely available with freeWi-Fi Internet access service, 537 and 571 are being installed. The lineresponsible person said that safety of vehicles will not be affected by theinterference of the wireless network, and the Internet speed was equal to 3G mobile phone.

With the advantages of reliable networking andstable communication, Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd.became the Wuhan bus Wi-Fi construction supplier, Four-Faith 3G wireless router products were favored bythe operators of all fields, Wuhan 590/537/571 pilot Wi-Fi bus lines, fullymeet the needs of wireless Internet applications, passengers love it deeply.

HubeiDaily Reporter randomly took a 590 bus to search for Wi-Fi access pointsthrough smart phones, immediately discovered access point “ ChinaUnicom.BUS”strong signal, password box poped up after the connection, entered”12345678 “to connect the network. Subsequently, the reporter used thebrowser and brushed microblog, most webpages could be opened in 5 seconds.Reporter experienced for 10 minutes, the signal was quite stable, would not beaffected by driving speed or auto turn.


Wuhan 571 bus line external appearance and internal photos


Four-Faith 3G router F3633 installation location map

Four-Faith3G router F3633 provideswireless network coverage for mobile carriers. Through the Four-Faithintelligent terminal equipment installed in the bus, the mobile communicationsignal sent by 3G basestations set up along the way were transmitted into the steady quality of thenetwork signal (such as Wi-Fi signal), can easily meet the passengers use ofbrowsing webpage, seeing video, brushing microblog and other “smart”needs.

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