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Four-Faith 5th anniversary of series of activities to grand opening

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06 Th12

Four-Faith 5th anniversary of series of activities to grandopening – “Instead of looking up elsewhere, rather than side by sidehere”


M2M applications from the field of industrial power distributionautomation, transformation of heat metering, elevators and other largeequipment remote monitoring, to the commercial areas of the network ofself-service terminals, parking guidance, multimedia Advertising remoterelease, and then to the livelihood of the people in the field of publicbicycle system, WIFI public transport, water monitoring, surging, rapiddevelopment. Four-Faith M2M wireless communication terminal as well as integrated solution provider,standing behind the “invisible” champion of the M2M applications in the “twosessions” after the whole country talked about the great vision of the”China Dream” vibrant spring 2013, happy to usher in the company’sfifth anniversary celebration.


March 18-June 22th we will be hosting a three-month, on the theme”Instead of looking up elsewhere, rather than side by side here,” the5th anniversary of series of celebrations activities. In this festive day, invite our customers, suppliers, partners, etc, Witness our growth, to share thejoy of heart with all of our dear colleagues. Anenterprise, only happy employees, only a good idea, the only healthy businesspractices, Can let us full ofconfidence, can let us take responsibility, can cast the successful enterprise..In the four-faith, the employees not only colleagues, friends andcomrades in arms grow side by side; here, our common practice of Honesty,trust, confidence, belief concept of the brand; Here, we pull together througha usualthe Tashi day, sharing the color of life; here us the opportunity toequality, mutual respect, to explore and improve active and healthy businessorganizations

“Intohuman, to have adult “guidelines for the operation of the four-faith inline,In four-faithl, customers not only is the object of the contract, thesupplier is not just the exchange of interest cooperation, partners is not onlya platform for information sharing, to meet the challenge is more common,promote the development of the industry, casting ecological industry chain,win-win “M2M”partnersand friends in the future. M2M ecosystem, the four-faithrelying on industrial wireless communication terminal products and M2M overall solution, relying on theprofessional, pragmatic, self-confident, efficient service to achieve “wisdom,standards, safety, reliable”wireless communication objectives, we as always,for the majority of new and old customers work quietly with customers to createbrilliant.


efforts of Every littlebit, the warehouse full Mantani harvest,5th years suffering, 5th years ofgrowth. Celebrate the 5th birthday of the four-faith, around the building ofenterprise culture, professional ability, team and personal growth, funentertainment, planning a rich and wonderful “excellence”, “grow up with four-faith “, “fun movement “,” Thanksgivingcustomers”, and” contribute to the community” series of activities.Grandopening on March 18, invites partners in our common event, standing at a newstarting point for a common vision of the Internet of Things in China dream.


NO Activity Date
1 Sales pacesetter Championship March 18-June 22
2 The forum of QCC quality excellence March 18-June 22
3 Operational capacity of training and practical exercise June
4 The degree of recognition and building a learning organization March 18-June 22
5 Department heads salon March 18-June 22
6 5th anniversary of Essay Competition March 18-June 22
7 Photography, art, calligraphy and painting talent show March 18-June 22
8 interesting sports meeting June
9 Ball games June
10 Outdoor Development June
11 Along with the goods send to surprise March 18-June 22
12 Excellent customer selection June
13 Excellent supplier selection June
14 Expo Garden of the “four-faith Lin” unveiled April
15 The ancient villages of Peitian Charity Trip April
16 Anniversary Dinner and Award Ceremony of the 5h anniversary June


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