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Four-Faith socially useful activities in Peitian historic village

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06 Th12

“ stay with us side by side here, instead of looking up elsewhere”——Four-Faith 5 anniversary series of activities

April 13th, 2013, Four-Faith Communication Technology Co. Ltd. involved in promoting”The Second Peitian Spring Ploughing Festival ” in Longyan, FujianHakka Peitian historic village had begun. The activities have the strongsupport of Liancheng County Tourism Bureau and Fujian Agriculture and ForestryUniversity, Deputy Minister Lin Yong, Longyan Municipal Party CommitteePropaganda Department, President Lan Siren, Fujian Agriculture and ForestryUniversity, Wen Tiejun, Dean of the Institute for Advanced SustainableDevelopment Research of Renmin University of China, and other leaders, expertsand scholars, rural construction workers, Taiwan compatriots, as well as localvillagers, more than two hundred people beaming to participate in the SpringPloughing Festival and the Strait of rural civilization Forum in the Peitianhistoric village, which were held in April 13th-15th.






Tobuild a beautiful Chinaand new countrysides, in the quaint old house of the intersection of north andsouth style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the participants have a equaldialogue with the local villagers, listen to the voice of villagers livinghere, and discuss the prospects and way out of rural civilization, urban andrural harmony. People share their knowledge and experience from all angles ofculture, education, ecological agriculture, villagers cooperation, traditionalknowledge ect. Focused on the current situations and future plans of primaryeducation, school building improvements, agritainment cooperation, traditionalhandicrafts ect.


Participatein socially useful activities makes Four-Faith more beautiful. Four-FaithCommunication Technology Co. Ltd. is a backbone enterprise in the internet ofthings wireless communication field, and always adhere to the values ofservicing to the community and sharing the results. In recent years, Four-Faithactively promotes anti-flood control, environmental monitoring, elevator safetyand other public services projects development, takes concrete actions topractice the social responsibility of corporate citizenship.


Like many villages, alarge number of the young labor in Peitian shifted, the development of remoterural areas faced difficulties. Four-Faith expect more people to concern aboutthe rural areas by holding the rural public service activities and using alarge number of media propaganda resources; through subsequent helping activities,sothat more resources rush to come in and new thinking, new ways to integrate;let the young people to see hometown hope, retrieve and love his hometown, thedevelopment of community care, so that everyone who loves his hometown can havethe ability to have the platform to practice their love for their home town.

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