Giải pháp giám sát và điều khiển không dây trong lĩnh vực dầu khí và dẫn ga (Oil and Gas)

Four-Faith small Industrial router used in power charging self-service machine system

04/ 12/ 2016

Four-Faith cooperate with customer on the charging self-service machine wireless network solution, adoption of Four-Faith small Industrial router F3X27, F3X26 series, stabilizing the real-time communication, facilitating the clients to realize the distributed management of terminal through the background


Application of Industrial RTU in the Gas Industry

04/ 12/ 2016

As we all know, for the entire gas transmission link process, the environment is very harsh and rigorous, and most of the collection stations are unmanned sites, because of this, the RTU equipment used is expected to be durable and tested for use in such environments.


Solution for monitoring system of gas pipeline network

03/ 12/ 2016

Using a remote data acquisition device (DTU) + monitoring by wireless network, has more advantages apparently in cost savings and improving safety of the network.


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