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Application of wireless networking in ATM

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Application of wireless networking in ATM

ATM terminal and self-service terminals are mostly located in subway exit, supermarket, shopping mall, and hospital where are populated. When the original cable network is not convenient to connect terminals, then wireless communication network is needed to enable the info exchange between terminals and managing center.

Four-Faith Industrial Router with Full Band Coverage connect scattered terminals safely and stably through 3G/4G network. The networking support large scale and free from distance restrain. What’s more, the project can be constructed in short time and with small investment budget.

Four-Faith 3G Industrial WCDMA Router support APN/VPDN private network, and support multi VPN, like IPSEC、PPTP、L2TP、GRE、OPENVPN, VPN client and VPN server is also supported. An encrypted transmission is supported besides private network, thus fully secure the safety and accuracy of transaction data.

ATM networking

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