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Fire detection application based on ZigBee wireless network

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Fire in forests brings a lot of damage and loss to the forest system and human beings. Every year about millions of fires take place in forest, the fire areas cover million hectares and cause great damage and loss to forest system. Thus fire monitoring will be the effective tool for fire management. The fire monitoring and precaution system consist of three parts,fire detector, zigebee transmission device, monitoring center. The fire detector includes smoke detector,combustible gas detector, temperature detector,which is suitable for capturing  and recording the statue data of the area in real time.

Four-Faith ZigBee communication device F8914 ZigBee modem is used as the wireless module to connect with detector and make up the wireless network based on zigbee protocol to realize the real time transmission. And then the data will be sent to the Zigbee + DTU device F8114, in this way, the data will be sent to the monitoring center by gprs. ZigBee terminal will transfer the data to the forest monitoring center, then the monitoring center wil show the statue on the LED display.

Features of Zigbee

1. Wireless, reduce the complexity of the cable connection

2. Low cost, the ZigBee protocol is sample, there is no cost due to the communication flow

3. Intelligent, each node will search and set up the connection

4. Support start, tree and grid network topology, strong ability of network connection, can support 65000 nodes

5. In non obstacle environment ,the distance of Zigbee is 2000 meters.


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