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Four-Faith 3G/4G Industrial Router to help medical equipment intelligent network

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  According to the Research Report of market research company Grand View Research America released the latest display, is expected to 2020, the global mobile healthcare market size is expected to exceed $49100000000. Mobile Internet has the medical disease prediction, diagnosis of sub areas including, disease management, rehabilitation, into the medical mobile, intelligent and information era.

一、Reliable wireless communication is the basis of medical wisdom

Advanced and mature wireless communication technology provides reliable, fast data transmission network for mobile medical system, and has brought many new possibilities for patient care. Now medical professionals can use the Internet to achieve advanced instrument of diagnosis and treatment to the patient as the center work items, such as remote / home furnishing patient monitoring, drug use wireless pointing and tracking system, and through the wireless terminal between the patient and doctor of real-time transmission of medical data.

Four-Faith Communication is the first echelon of enterprises of China Internet of things wireless communication field , professional R & D and production based on the wireless communication terminal 3G/4G public network and 2.4G  network based on ZigBee products, products have been widely used on finance, transportation, medical, power, water conservancy and other fields. In the medical field, with Four Faith wireless communication products and mobile medical applications include:

1. Supporting for medical equipment, make the traditional medical equipment with remote transmission function;

2. The advantage of 3G/4G HD, mobile, wireless technology, can help the EMT, obtain the remote guidance clearly, fast through the mobile HD video, don’t miss the treatment of “golden half an hour”;

3. The doctor with ZigBee mobile medical diagnostic equipment, to realize electronic easily rounds

4. Patients with ZigBee vital signs diagnostic equipment, doctors can monitor the status of patients in rea-time.

5. Large medical equipment with wireless communication technology, professional technical personnel can remote real-time monitoring equipment working state, dynamic control the repair node;

二、Application of M2M communication terminal in intellige

Four-Faith partners a company has been producing positioning in the high-end, used for measuring the body weight, height, blood pressure, pulse electronic medical equipment such as body mass index. The launch of new products — intelligent medical comprehensive baby scales based on Internet of things. The product integrates baby scales, height gauge, monitoring of blood pressure and pulse and other functions, built in Xiamen Four-Faith F2114 (GPRS IP MODEM ), the realization of wireless networking equipment and medical center, health data are measured through GPRS transmitted to the data center, data center to report data analysis, storage, tracking.


Four-Faith M2M wireless communication terminal successful apply for the baby scale, provides a physical basis for telemedicine, mobile nursing. Baby scale can real-time record baby health information, transmitted through Four-Faith wireless communication terminal to the rear medical center, establish personal health records. Nursing care of doctors can timely tracking the health of the child, to provide care the adjustment suggestion for the customer, to prevent overweight, childhood Obesity and other diseases and make defensive measures.

In the background of the new medical reform of China, I believe that in the near future, like intelligent medical products that combine more artificial intelligence, sensor, wireless transmission technology, will gradually into the lives of ordinary people, brings new applications, new mode for people health management.

三、Application of ZigBee network based on electronic rounds


In the medical room area, doctors no longer have to take heavy data to the ward rounds, but carrying mobile clinical terminal, mobile clinical terminal through Four-Faith ZigBee wireless transmission in short distance wireless transmission, combined with the hospital process, will greatly enhance the efficiency of doctors and provide better treatment services.

四、Vital signs monitoring based on ZigBee


In the monitoring of vital signs, equipped with remote medical system an ambulance is one of the best examples of wireless communication technology to save lives.

Vital signs monitoring equipment is controlled by the accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetic sensor, skin temperature, blood pressure, electricity and other sensor. Real time monitoring collect heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, ECG, core body temperature,body posture, displacement and other physical parameters. Vital signs monitoring equipment with built-in ZigBee module, patient data can be recorded in real time, ultimately realize remote monitoring through wireless transmission to the terminal or station .

Ambulance on the way to the hospital, can provide real-time patient information through wireless communication technology, but also can realize the remote diagnosis and primary care, thereby significantly reducing the rescue response time, win for the further treatment the patient’s valuable time.

五、Telemedicine application based on 3G+ZigBee


Along with the aging society coming, changes in disease spectrum, monitoring applications outside the hospital will be more widely, will gradually from the high-end crowd health care to the community service coverage. Community hospital is relying on the applications of the Internet of things, play their own “wisdom”, to provide more attentive service for the residents of pension and health. Install the monitoring terminal at home or community health point, terminal monitoring hospital doctors as the old pension system use wisdom, may at any time by knowing the health care objects in the hospital. To achieve fast and convenient service for medical object.

六、Application of typical products

Four-Faith ZigBee series or 3G/4G transmission module is used to realize the establishment of transmission channel in the system. Typical applications are as follows:

1、The embedded ZigBee module F8913

F8913 is mainly used for embedded development, make the embedded ZigBee diagnostic equipment with wireless communication function.

2、ZigBee terminal F8914

Without the two development can be achieved on the ZigBee transmission function

3、ZigBee + 3G/4G wireless transmission terminal F8X14 ( ZigBee IP Modem)

Both ZigBee near distance networking and remote transmission function. After it receives ZigBee wireless data, through the 3G/4G operator wireless network to transmit data to the remote monitoring center.

4、ZigBee transferTCP / IP router F8X34 (ZigBee WIFI Router)

Through the ZigBee wireless data transmission to the central node (F8X34 play), then through the operator 3G/4G network transmission to the monitoring center server.

七、The advantages of Four-Faith wireless communication products.

1. Low radiation , more healthy: Excellent EMC performance, low external radiation, more conducive to human health.

2. Wireless data transmission is stable and reliable: industrial design, high temperature resistant to cold, strong anti-jamming performance, which makes medical information, monitoring data transmission is reliable.

3. Low power consumption, long continue working hour: multistage dormancy and wake-up mode support, deep sleep into power is almost zero.

4. Communication distance of 3KM Four-Faith ZigBee point to point communication as far as 3KM, support multi relay routing, is very conducive to long-distance large network.

5. Two times develop is convenient: provide convenient two development environment , shorten the project development cycle.

6. Platform of centralized management: supporting the powerful equipment management software, ZigBee module can be centralized configuration parameters, condition monitoring, convenient implementation and management of large projects.

7. Perfect wireless communication product line: Four-Faith has perfect wireless communication product line, can provide complete sets of ZigBee products, 4G/3G/2.5G wireless communication products, GPS products, comprehensive network of one-stop solution, more save worry.

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