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LoRa & Wireless Meter Reading Applications

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The wireless meter reading system consists of smart meters (embedded with F8L10D LoRa modules), GPRS gateway and a server management platform to operate. Meter data is reported to the wireless module F8L10D constantly and the data transmitted to the F8114L GPRS gateway through the LoRa wireless network. The F8114L module converts LoRa data into TCP/IP data and eventually sends this to the remote cloud server through 2G GPRS public network.

Remote meter reading system based on LORA, has advantages of easy to embed, Large capacity of networking, low power consumption etc. . Four-Faith LoRa wireless module has high receive sensitivity, which up to -148dBm, strong through-wall communication ability, the measured communication distance is more than 8km, perfectly solve the problem of small amount of data long range communication in complex environment, reaching industry leading level.

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