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RS232 modem application in the northeastern wells flock GPRS control systematic

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project analysis

The system mainly consists of three parts: local control system, communication equipment and communication platform, centralized control system.


1.1 local control system

Local have include temperature sensor, pressure sensor, flow tester, relay. Output signal feed into Siemens 200plc and convenient to unified control , monitor.

1.2 communication equipment and communication platform

In view of the scene of the work environment and communication interface of the Siemens PLC equipment requirements, four-faith partner-biotech company choose four-faith F2103 IP MODEM based on GPRS wireless network, because of it have small volume 、low power dissipation 、Configuration is simple to use 、the characteristics of the plug and play, and it support main date channel、parallel multi data channel、a variety of works the real-time online and on demand online. It support APN network access. Can not only guarantee the data safe and reliable, and can also make according to customers need to transfer to save money.

1.3 centralized control system.

The centralized control system include IPC, configuration,  primary responsible for site plant condition monitor、date reduction and control.

1.4 system architecture flow

Siemens PLC through the RS-485 communication interface with 200 F2103 serial port connection, remote data center using a fixed IP as a network access server. Four- faith F2103 Industrial RS232 Modem through GPRS network connect to remote date central server, establish a transparent data channel. This collection terminal data as long as to the serial port , four-faith F2103 IP MODEM will receive the data sent to the data center server host intact. And commands issued by the server’s host machine through the channel transmission to F2103 ,F2103 via a serial port to the collection terminal, so as to realize the two-way data transmission.


1.5 System function

Well group of GPRS control system has the following functions.

1、 Date administration: central control configuration software, sent out all kinds of command, to each IP MODEM detected effective real-time data acquisition terminal, after collecting the data in the database, the database for all kinds of calculation, processing, statistics, analysis.

2、System maintenance: quick  maintenance 、remote fault diagnosis、 user set、 permission setting、 date base maintenance

3、 statement management: possess daily paper、 monthly paper、annual paper. The scene of the pressure sensor, flow, temperature, the pump stop state and rotational speed, the regulating valve opening data.

4、 Statistical analysis of data : maximum、minimum value、average value、filter、accumulative total、standard deviation、 correlation analysis flow accumulative total, etc.



Program features

1. Transmission equipment adopt wireless access GPRS network, at present, GPRS network technique is already very mature, domestic operators after 10 years of development, the network has covered all over the country, even the remote mountain areas are covered.  as a result, the well group of GPRS control system will not be because the dispersed network difficult problem.

2. Transport module supports a variety of wake up function, as Phone activated, SMS activation, data etc. Customers can according to their own needs to control the up and down the line of equipment.  Reliable Internet connection, intelligence drops, support on-line detection, on-line maintenance, dropped heavy drawing automatically, to ensure that the equipment always online.

3. Equipment support timing line up and down, terminal equipment can be segmented according to actual condition to send data to the data center,  so the terminal transmission equipment can use time up and down the line, when the equipment is in a state of very work offline, so to further ensure the stability of the network, not take up too much of the GPRS network resources.

4. communication terminal equipment(four-faith F2103 IP MODEM) adopt technical grade design, metal case, external power source DC12V/500Ma; communication electricity:<25Ma(12V); operating ambient temperature-25~+65℃; storage temperature-40~+85℃; relative humidity 95%(not condense); Multiple hardware and software watchdog.

5. Transport module access main backup center and function of auto reply main centre, and at the same time center supports multiple concurrent function (up to 5).

6. Maintenance and management personnel can be any Internet site, after network authentication and identity authentication, the system maintenance and data monitoring.

7. Support for multiple data center network access: as APN、 fixation IP、dynamic IP、dynamic domain name; Support graphical configuration interface、Instruction configuration、the batch configuration script, equipment through simple configuration can be used; Small size is convenient to install.

Four-faith can be offer twice SDK and multilingual versions date central server software for client and according their demand proceed secondary development; Aimed at the needs of customers at the same time, provide a wide range of technical support, including product network network scheme design, technical personnel training, software development process technology and equipment commissioning technical support and other services

Project summary

Wireless GPRS project will dispersive lithium bromide unit proceed centralized control and monitor, compared with the traditional wire transmission mode, will  save vast engineering construction cost, meanwhile cut down engineering construction time.

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