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Wireless network application in self-service ticket machine

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application in self-service ticket machine

Self-service machines are usually arranged in movie theaters, bus station, railway stations, scenic spot entrance and other crowded places, by Four-Faith industrial grade wireless router, network is linked to the ticketing system, unattended, simple operation, enable consumers to buy ticket, get ticket and billing with friendly man-machine interaction experience.

Self-service ticket machine through the Ethernet interface connect to Four-Faith industrial-grade wireless router, ticket center system can use private line and ADSL as network access. F3X25 HSPA+ Gateway Router through wireless network (mobile, unicom, telecom), gain access to the Internet, and establish the VPN connection with ticketing center system.

Thus the end terminals and ticket center system us in the same network, ticket machine can communicate with the server of ticket center. Business data of self-service ticket machine will be directly communicated with central server(ticketing center, bank) through wireless router, and exchange data at the same time.

Self-service machines solution

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