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The 4th Shanghai International Disaster Reduction and Security Exhibition

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Mountain torrents disasters,geological disasters, meteorological disasters, forest disasters, urban water logging are the major problems the world facing, seriously threat to human survival and the sustainable development of economy and society. Wednesday of the 2nd week on October each year is set by United Nations as International Disaster Reduction Day. This year is the 23rd “International Disaster Reduction Day”, on this day, the 4th Shanghai International Disaster Reduction and Security Expo held as scheduled in the pavilion, the exhibition is divided into emergency communications area, relief supply area,engineering machinery area, disaster medical area, security area and others totally 11 areas, attracting many new products and technologies of disaster prevention and reduction area from South Korea, Canada, Singapore and other countries, connecting the domestic and International markets.

Four-Faith is a backbone enterprise of IOT wireless communication field, has many years of independent research and development experience, close to the pulse of IOT industry development, deeply study the applications of industrial wireless communication products. On the application of “intelligent mitigation”, Four-Faith launches many main products, including mountain torrents disaster wireless warning broadcast system, meteorological disaster warning broadcast system, LED wireless distribution system, etc.,through many years’ accumulation and development, Four-Faith grows up as the main force of disaster prevention and reduction in China.




According to the situations of domestic mountain torrents disasters, launched F9103 disaster wireless warning broadcast which was based on relevant national technical regulations,has the outstanding advantages of powerful performance, reliable communication,loud and clear sound, strong environmental adaptability, it was the recommended product of Water Conservancy Ministry. Now has been widely used in mountain torrents disaster prevention and meteorological disaster warning project ofShandong, Shanxi, Gansu, Yunnan, Si chuan, Hei long jiang and other provinces, and achieved good social and economic benefits.




Four-Faith showed F9103 mountain torrents wireless warningbroadcast system in the exhibition



In this exhibition,Four-Faith new products including: wireless RTU, 4G wireless router, ZigBee embedded module, dual cardrouter fully meet the wireless communication requirements of disaster preventionand mitigation in all kinds of fields.

F2X64 3G industrial wireless RTU is anfull-featured, high-performance wireless remote terminal. Integration of RTU and 3G IP MODEM functions,including analog input, switch input, switch output(relay output, optical isolation output), interface isolation protection,pulse counting, short message alarm, data connection backup and 2.5G/3G remote wireless data communication, ZigBee short-distance wireless communication, GPS positioning and so on, can easily access to a variety of water level gauge, rain gauge, flow meter, is the best choice to implement the disaster data wireless acquisition, transmission,measurement and control.

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