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The British customer visited Four-Faith

Ngày đăng: 06/ 12/ 2016

May,2013, the British customervisited the headquarter of Four-Faith, Jiang, Manager of International Business Department, leading the customer to visit our workshop, testing room, R&Ddepartment etc., and introduced specifically our company’s business, newproducts development, project applications and so on. Both sides conducteddetailed communication on application features of industrial wireless communication router in automatic field,and terminal demand, project promotion.


Four-Faith engineer comprehensively introduced theapplication of self-developed 2.5G/3G/4G industrial wireless communication products in automatic field to the customer,and did the on-site operation, demonstration and explanation of communicationterminal F2X03 IP MODEM, new version of industrial 4G router and other products which were the clientinterested in. The client was very satisfied with Four-Faith products of highprecision, high performance, high quality.


After this trip,Four-Faith staffs professional, pragmatic, self-confident, efficient work stylemade a deep impression to the client. The customer hoped to further expandcooperation with our company, from the purchase of MODEM series before expandedto more product series, the future both sides would carry out cooperation inmultiple fields, to achieve win-win.


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