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Total solution for wireless meter reading system ——LoRa wireless solution

04/ 12/ 2016

Wireless transmission of these programmes is essential, to use LoRa and GPRS easily?


ZIGBEE hydrological monitoring

07/ 09/ 2016

A site with a data acquisition unit, radio, rain gauge, water level gauge, wind meter anemometer and other hydrological monitoring, the site can be retained data for over six months through the ZigBee wireless communication may be subject to higher stations (sub-centers) control , arbitrary test period, and consistent calibration machine up and down. Central node needs […]


Hydrology Water Monitoring System

07/ 09/ 2016

Preface With the development of the society, the impact of human activities, flood disasters is becoming more and more frequent accidents. It has heavily damaged people’s life and property. Adhere to “prevention in advance, combining prevention with control”, we must establish a mountain water conservancy project which can prevent flood disasters system including forecasting, early […]


+Hydrology Monitoring Application

+Four-Faith RTU for Reservoir Application

+Water Level Data Acquisition and Transmission Based on LTE Networks

+River Monitoring Application

+Reservoir Remote Monitoring Application

+Four-Faith 3G industrial RTU Application for water-saving irrigation system