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F-IPC110 Embedded Industrial Computer Android&Linux

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Android and Linux Dual-OS, Exterior smaller

Freescale Cortex™-A9 i.MX 6 Quad processor with 2GB RAM

Running Memory RAM 2G

Fuselage Memory ROM 8G

With open development resources and abundant applications available

Optimized hardware base driver enables stable and fast network connection, smooth user experience and excellent performance of peripherals

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Product Name
F4931 Industrial Computer for Vending Machine
System Configuration
Freescale i.MX6 quad-core Cortex A9 processor
Operating System
Android, .Linux(optional)
Running Memory RAM
Fuselage Memory ROM
Extended Memory
TF Card, Solid State Disk
Serial Port
6 DB9 RS232 interface
USB interface
4 standard USB2.0 interface +1 standard OTG USB2.0 interface
Not only the industrial computer, but also the IOT cross-border disruptive master product
Traditional industrial computer+ industrial router+ high speed 4G, 3 in 1 integrated design, highly integrated. Powerful, rich interface, help customers easily cope with the present and future engineering challenges.
Not only wireless communications, but also more powerful router features to ensure the security of operations
Fusion complete industrial grade router function, using industrial grade high speed module, fully compatible with full band network globally, with superior wireless communication ability;  provide various forms of communication link backup function, ensuring communication flow and stability.
Support Android and Linux dual system, to facilitate the development of more app applications, greatly expand the business space
Powerful, rich configuration, the arm architecture processor with the Android operating system, providing a very broad and free app running environment, brings brand-new experience for the intelligent terminal in the mobile Internet era.

Be compatible with Linux operating system, providing a brand-new experience and more solutions for the mobile Internet era of smart Express cabinet, vending machine, intelligent industrial control terminal products.

Ultimate grade hardware configuration, to provide a strong guarantee for the application of rich applications
Freescale cortex -A9 architecture quad core 64 bit processors, bring the loading and calculation of strong rich application ability;

Full Hd 1080P video code, support multi screen display and output of 3D acceleration, bring fully and delightfully video experience;

Rich interface, to meet the current main intelligent terminal industry equipped with more interactive sensing of the peripheral;

Industrial computer and peripheral equipment controlled under the remote control platform, effectively improve the management efficiency
Powerful cloud platform not only centralized monitoring, configuration, upgrade, diagnosis on the distribution of the regional industrial computer, but also the access of a number of connected equipment for unified management (such as running state and communication status), greatly reducing the maintenance costs of operator, integrator, equipment provider and other parties , improve management efficiency.
Adapt to industrial application of unattended environment, 7*24 hours stable work
The anti dropping mechanism of strong intelligence, make index system and stable operation, always online communication;

Fanless design, lower heat, lower power consumption, less risk of failure;

Metal shell, good heat dissipation, anti impact, can work stably in a variety of harsh natural climate environment ;

High grade EMC anti interference design, the work has obvious advantages in strong electromagnetic interference environment, .

Optional Four-Faith WIFI operating system, open the big data marketing
WIFI brings the core value of the big data ,Four-Faith independent research and development of the WIFI new media operating system and industrial computer WIFI hotspot coverage, to achieve the function of local content update, advertising, editorial, advertising push, customer monitoring and other powerful management function, the rapidly establish WIFI marketing channels, gathering popularity, precision marketing.
Product Name F4931 Industrial Computer for Vending Machine
System Configuration
CPU Freescale i.MX6 quad-core Cortex A9 processor
Operating System Android、Linux(optional)
Running Memory RAM 2GB
Fuselage Memory ROM 8GB
Extended Memory TF Card, Mechanical Hard Disk, Solid State Disk
Serial Port 6 DB9 RS232 interface
USB interface 4 standard USB2.0 interface +1 standard OTG USB2.0 interface
Support 3G/4G
Support APN/VPDN network
Support PPTP, L2TP, VPN, IPSEC functions
Support IEEE802.1 b/g/n, 2.4G WIFI
RS485 ×
Power amplifier output interface ×
Speak interface, Mic interface
10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet, supports multiple WAN access methods, including static IP, DHCP, etc.
Support OpenGLES2.0 and VGtm1.1 hardware accelerator
VGA interface
HDMI interface
LVDS interface
Support GPS/ Beidou Positioning Function ×
Industrial grade design
High-performance, industrial-grade devices
The use of professional power supply design, with under voltage, over voltage, over current, reverse connection, short circuit, surge and other protective functions
WDT watchdog design to ensure the stability of the system
The anti dropping mechanism complete, ensure the equipment always online
Wide power input 9~36VDC
Working temperature -30℃~75℃
Storage temperature -40℃~85℃(95% Unfreezing)
Power interface Standard GX12-4 core aviation head, fastening does not fall off
(● Standard  ○ Optional  × None)