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F8913C Smart Home Automation ZigBee Module

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Compatible with Smart Home Automation Protocol

●  Small size, easy for embedded

●  Long Communication Distance

●  Green Safe, and more healthy

●  Mature and stable product

●  Convenient for second development

Chia sẻ:
Compatible with Smart Home Automation Protocol
Support ZigBee HA/ZigBee Light Link protocol, easily implement smart home automation.
Small size, easy for embedded
The size is similar with five mao coin while weight with 3 gram, convenient for embedding into all kinds of smart home automation.
Long Communication Distance
The communication range could reach 2000m in the open area, and support mutiple relay route, good for long distance large networking
Green Safe, and more healthy
EMC high performance, small radiation, lead-free production process, no damage to human body,
Mature and stable product
Four-Faith, the IOT wireless communication backbone enterprises, has a profound technical precipitation in the field of communication ,a number of products obtained national patent.
Convenient for second development
Provide convenient secondary development kid, development environment, to shorten the development lead time.