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Reservoir Remote Monitoring Application

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The reservoir remote monitoring system aims at monitoring the water level and sluice. F3X34 Industrial router is used in the system as the data transmission, it connects with the camera with RJ45,and transfers the data to the center. It connects with the collector by RS232 or RS485 serial port. In this way the related personnel can monitor the water level and weather information in real time.

Why clients choose Four-Faith?

1.High Speed

It adapts high performance 32 bit CPU and high performance industrial communication module to ensure the stable image transmission.

2.Wide temperature

Wide temperature design(-35~+75ºC),it can stand severe temperature to ensure stable working.

3.High sensitivity

Be of high sensitivity in receiving signal, it can gain the strongest signal to ensure the stable transmission wherever the signal is week

4 Always on line

It support auto recovery mechanism, including online detect, auto redial when offline to make router always online

Successful Case

行业应用手册02-20131015 行业应用手册02-20131015

Yantai Reservoir Wireless Monitoring Project            Wenchang Reservoir Wireless Monitoring Project

行业应用手册02-20131015 行业应用手册02-20131015

Haicheng Reservoir Wireless Monitoring Project            Jinhua Reservoir Wireless Monitoring Project

Customer’s feedback

Yantai client: The working personnel can not go to the site to monitor the dam for 24 hours. By this dam wireless remote monitoring system, the working personnel can monitor the dam just by the managing center.

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