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LoRa & Soil Temperature, Humidity Monitoring Applications

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Through the detection and control of environmental temperature, humidity, pH, light intensity, soil nutrients, concentration  of CO2 and other physical parameters, Agricultural Internet  gains the best conditions for crop growth, increase the yield, improve quality, adjust the growth cycle and improve the economic efficiency.

Low power MCU is responsible for collecting soil moisture and temperature, pH value, light, CO2 concentration and so on, after collecting will awake dormant sleep Four-FaithLoRa module, and the environment data  will send to the LoRa gateway, the LoRa gateway will transmit to the local or remote server for farmland environmental management.

As we all know, outdoor applications are generally battery powered (if able, users could also use a solar panel for charging). The Four-Faith ultra-low power LoRa module combines multi-level adjustable transmission power states, multi-level sleep modes, over the air wake ups and other power optimization technologies. These features enable it to operate in an ultra-low power consumption state while transmitting data over long distances, which is an obvious advantage over battery powered alternatives.

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